Director of Coordination

Nikki Everett founded ECHO Event Solutions, LLC in 2011 to oversee educational events and trade shows for the gluten/allergen free community. Her mission to plan events started in Charlotte, NC, her home town, in 2009. Nikki uses her vast knowledge as an advocate for the gluten/allergen free community on behalf of her daughter who was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2008. 

She recognized her daughter's grief process through her support group background as a teenager. After the unfortunate death of her older brother, Nikki's mother became a regional leader for Compassionate Friends, a national support group for bereaved families, when Nikki was only 11 years old. Nikki went on to become a youth peer support group leader by 14 years of age. Her presentation to the NC State Board of Education helped open the door for peer support groups throughout Middle and High Schools across the state. Nikki carried on this legacy as an adult by chartering R.O.C.K. (Raising Our Celiac Kids) for Charlotte, NC in 2009. 

Through running a support group, she recognized the need for normalcy and that communing together strengthens an individual. Newly diagnosed people who need guidance and seasoned food allergy veterans who have it aced enjoy being reminded they are not alone in the journey. Nikki's positive approach to the journey of dietary change makes each event a special celebration wherever they are held.

Available For Speaking/Writing Appearances

Nikki Everett is not just familiar with speaking on radio, podcasts, and TV interviews, she writes Allergy Free Back Roads and brings to life gluten free/allergen free living laced with a Southern charm. Living positively is her focus and she practices it daily.

Nikki inevitably brings laughter to crowds with a down to earth look at living gluten free, which is the medicine that brings us all to a better place to heal. Her insight into the grief process, being a mother (single and married) with a celiac child, as well as knowledge of the industry based on over 6 years of planning events and leading groups, brings a multitude of experience to share with groups.

Nikki also does excellent cooking demonstrations that are child friendly, so the whole family can learn while having fun celebrating being gluten/allergen free. She has been "Chef" at demonstrations in places like Healthy Home Market, Earth Fare, and GF/AF Events in Charlotte NC

Over 20 years of experience in producing and delivering training seminars, Nikki also brings to the table a creativity in presenting that is rare. Her approach is to deliver candid presentations that draw in the crowd to participate and the information presented is always based on factual research and personal experience

Just some of the presentations available include:
"Good Gluten Grief" - Understanding and positively overcoming grief over loss/change

"You've Got To Give to Get" - How to start a support group and heal from giving back

"You Don't Need It In A Box: Learning to Cook Like Your Great Grandmother Did" - Tips and advice to help those struggling with actually cooking from scratch

"Doctor, Doctor Tell Me The News" - A revealing look at why our community is still struggling with speaking the same language as our physicians and what we can do to change it

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Nikki Joins Other Experts & Talks Celiac Disease/Gluten Sensitivity on Healthier Charlotte WTVI


Nikki & Erin at Charlotte Expo 2010